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We have hundreds of old vintage magazines and books that are up to 100 years old. Most of these are the classic style publications from the 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's with those exciting colorful and dramatic illustrated covers that have gone into history. These are all originals. If you like nostalgia, you'll love these old publications. 

These vintage magazines and books are ideal for collecting, gift giving, or just plain reading.

Grab them fast, as they are sold only on a first come-first served basis.
We have old vintage traditional CLASSIC CAR MAGAZINES for sale. These are rare collector’s editions from the late 1940's through the 1970's. Loads of articles, photos, workshops, auto customizing and much more.  Magazines we have include HOT ROD MAGAZINES, RODDING AND RE-STYLING, and CAR CRAFT.
Popular Science magazine got its start as far back as 1872 under the title The Popular Science Monthly. Back then its content was geared mainly toward the academic reader with such contributors as Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, and Louis Pasteur just to name a few. In time, readership declined but the magazine made a turn living up to its name when the content began to target the general reader and has since transformed into what we have today. The cover art of the 30's through 50's are probably the best during its life. Check out what is available by clicking on the magazine to the right.
POPULAR MECHANICS magazine may not be as old as Popular Science but it is in every way just as good. With the first issue in January of 1902 its original goal has not changed very much: inform readers of their technologically changing world, offer DIY tips, as well as other general information and projects for the home. Cover art is as good as it gets, my favorites are those from the magazines inception until the early 50's. Go ahead, click to see what is available. You know you can't resist.
This title, MODERN MECHANICS AND INVENTIONS was born in 1928 in direct competition with both Popular Science and POPULAR MECHANICS magazines. A real How-To magazine with instructions on how to hunt for millions in gold just free for the taking. Wonder if there is a set of instruction on how to build your own under water tractor? This title ran until the early 1930's. Cover art is just superb.
In the early 30's the name changed to MODERN MECHANIX AND INVENTIONS and lasted until late 1937. No real changes but the cost came down. 15¢ wow!
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED magazine took over in 1938, note the subtitle. This was a real DIY magazine with such projects from building a telescope to building a car (on weekends of course). Good thing Mimi was there to encourage us. Sadly, this publication did not make it past the more coveted automobile related articles by Tom McCahill. The publication went through a few more name changes until its end when it finally was merged into This Old House magazine.
This magazine started out as EVERYDAY MECHANICS in 1929. In 1931, science was added and the publication became EVERYDAY SCIENCE AND MECHANICS. In early 1937, its name changed yet again to Science and Mechanics. In the 1980's, it became a quarterly and bi-monthly but eventually went out of publication in 1984. Cover art is what you would expect from magazines of this era, fantastic! Check them out now.
Mechanics AND HANDICRAFT was a publication that ran in the 1930s. It began as a quarterly in its early days and as readership increased (which did not take long) appeared as a monthly. Content is very similar to what you would find in the other publications listed above: science articles for the lay person, some DIY projects, and experiments including general articles.
FATE magazine began in 1948 as a quarterly. Like other publications, as readership increased, so too did the frequency of publishing eventually become a monthly by 1952-53. FATE magazine contains stories of the fantastic, odd cultures from around the world, and of course what got its start — UFO stories. The best cover art (and some can be pretty provocative) can be found from the beginning through the late 1950s like the one shown at right. FATE is like late night radio in your hands.
FATE magazine continues publication to this day. The collection at the right begins with the newer 1960s look. Cover art is not quite as exciting as the art of the early days, but it does improve with time. Content remains as before. In the 1990s the magazine grew into a full size magazine but in the early 21st century returned back to its smaller, more convenient digest size, it also became bi-monthly publication a few years later. Today fortunately FATE is still available and the cover art from time to time resembles the hey-day of its early beginnings.
Another magazine in print pretty much dedicated to UFO phenomenon is UFO Magazine. UFO Magazine got it start back in 1986 and was until recently still in print. As of 2013ish the publication mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps they know something we do not...?
In 1957 the monthly publication Flying Saucers from Other Worlds began. Only one year later it became rebranded as simply Flying Saucers subtitled The Magazine of Space Conquest. It's content focused heavily on UFO stories and the like. In fact, the term "ufology" was first coined by 16-year old Gregory Swofford in a 1963 article "The Swofford UFO Detector."
This collection contains a mixture of vintage and more recent UFO and related books.
These publications include baseball and other sports.
This is a collection of miscellaneous publications including Life magazine. Click on the magazine on the right to see what is available.
Here is a collection of paranormal publications full of mystery and the unknown. These books are about documented reports and actual cases about life, death, and the hereafter.